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Choose from our large variety of steel garages, from a single bay garage to a multi-bay shed/workshop, allowing you to decide on bay width, length and eave height to suit your requirements. All kits are supplied complete – from sheets, beams and rafters, roller doors, bolts and matching screws.

NQ Garages & Sheds’ custom designs will make your choice effortless.

They are inexpensive when compared to brick and timber options, which can cost up to 400% more for a similar sized building.

The many extra features you can have in a Garage/Shed - Roof pitches available, 11, 15, 22, 30 and 45 degree. Wide range of colours Roller doors, personal access doors, sliding glass windows and doors (security screens also available) in a variety of sizes and colours Roof vents Insulation Vermin Proofing Mezzanine

Let your garage stand out from the rest when you purchase your shed from NQ Garages & Sheds


NQ Garages and Sheds steel carports are a perfect, inexpensive way to shield your car from the elements. As with all of our products, you can choose the span, length and height of your carport. You can include a carport on the side or front of your garage, giving you a secure place for storage or even a workshop. Our carport range includes the flat roof design, gable roof and Dutch gable carport. The gable roof and Dutch gable designs also allow for additional style choices, including cladding and dual colours.

Farm sheds are available in a vast range of sizes to meet your specific needs.

At NQ Garages & Sheds we know what farmers look for in a shed and whatever the storage requirement we are able to customize farm sheds with open bays, closed bays, roller doors or steel sliding doors, divider walls, the options are endless.

We also cater for the large industrial sheds and commercial buildings.  All buildings come fully engineered and certified to Australian standards ensuring your peace of mind regarding structural integrity.

American barns can be used for many applications including car garages, boat sheds, caravan storage to name a few. Also very customisable, barns give you extra space and style.  Widths generally start at 9m although both length and width can expand to suit your requirements.  The standard roof pitch for the American barn is 22deg but a mansard roof also looks great. Additional roof height allows a mezzanine floor for extra storage or workspace. The Aussie barn has a look of its own where the step down between the roofs of each bay is removed. Personalise your barn with a barn window or sliding glass windows and doors.

NQ Garages & Sheds are fully licensed structural steel fabricators with over 25 years experience in the building industry.  We have fabricated and erected numerous structural steel projects for commercial and industrial companies to large packing and machinery storage sheds.

Being structural steel fabricators we can manufacture any type of steel building to suit any application in either a flat, curved or gable roof configuration with much larger portal spans, heights and bay spacing capabilities than standard C section portal frame buildings.

Our custom made Universal Beam Sheds are hot dipped galvanized and come with a lifetime guarantee.